GapMaster in GM label finishers

GapMaster in GM label finishers

The GapMaster is used instead of the anvil cylinder in the cutting unit and allows the gap dimension to the magnetic cylinder to be adjusted in steps accurate to the micrometre.

The GapMaster is used instead of the anvil cylinder in the cutting unit and allows the gap dimension to the magnetic cylinder to be adjusted in steps accurate to the micrometre.

With the GapMaster, the gap dimension can be adjusted in the range of +/-0.1 mm compared to a conventional anvil cylinder. This is achieved through the eccentric bearing of the cylinder body, which freewheels concerning the bearer rings. This permits generous, fast adaptation to all commonly used base materials without costly replacement of the cutting tools. Cutting-edge wear can also be compensated over a large range. Adjustment is performed using a split and scaled adjustment device on the unit frame. The adjustment process can be performed at rest, but sensibly also while the machine is running.

As the gap dimension is changed exclusively by adjusting the anvil cylinder in the case of the GapMaster, the pressure spindles (KMS) now only serve to eliminate the clearance in the cylinder system and to absorb the cutting forces. The operator can minimize this preload force depending on the material to be cut, the cutting-edge geometry and the cutting contours. It is no longer necessary to apply high-pressure forces to influence the cutting gap dimension. This significantly reduces the load on the bearings and bearer rings and thereby considerably extends the service life of the cutting unit.

• Sealing of internal bearings.
• Total adjustment travel = +/-0.1 mm
• Adjustment step approx. 0.001 mm
• Generally, up to 120 m/min with grease lubrication; oil lubrication is recommended at higher speeds.
• Higher speeds are also possible with grease lubrication. However, the bearing heating may require the gap dimension to be re-adjusted until the operating temperature is reached.
• Oil lubrication achieves a lower operating temperature, simultaneously reducing the change in the gap dimension.
• Consultation is required for web speeds higher than 180 m/min.
• Compliance with the lubrication intervals is the prerequisite for trouble-free operation.

Watch the video below to see how the GapMaster works:

KMS (pressure measurement system)

GM delivers KMS with every GapMaster. This permits a precise, recordable and reproducible pressure increase for preloading the cylinders. We also recommend adding it to the traditional diecutting station (see the picture below).